Give information about commonly used gadgets or devices which are based on the principles of newton's laws of motion.


Newton’s first law of motion: 

Every object either remains at rest or uniform motion until and unless a force is applied on it.


Fidget spinner: The object probably will not start spinning on itself before turning but after spinning one, if there is no external force applied on it will continue to spin forever.

Newton’s second law of motion:

The acceleration is generated when the unbalanced force is applied to the mass of the object.


If the same energy is applied to push the car and the truck, the car will have more acceleration compared to the truck due to the less weight(mass).

Newton’s third law of motion:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction which acts in the same momentum and opposite velocity.


All the vehicles are constructed according to the third law of motion.

Gym equipment is often based on a pulley, and when used for exercise, they use all 3rd laws of motion by newton.

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