Give some examples of thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic

Thermoset and Thermoplastics are two separate forms of polymer powders, which are differentiated based on their behaviour when reacting to the application of heat. Thermoset is a material that strengthens when heated, but cannot be refolded or heated after the initial forming, while thermoplastics can be reheated, remoulded, and cooled. Thermoset plastics offer enhanced high-performance combination of thermal stability, chemical resistance, and structural integrity. Some examples of thermosetting plastics are:

  • Polyester
  • Vinyl Ester
  • Polyimides

Thermoplastic polymers are one such type of plastic which can be recycled. Without negatively affecting the material’s physical properties, thermoplastics can be remoulded and recycled. Examples of thermoplastic polymers include polyethylene, PVC, and nylon.

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