Give the appilications of hydrogen bond in organic molecules

A type of weak force that results in the formation of dipole-dipole interaction between a hydrogen atom and an electronegative atom that is strongly bonded to another electronegative atom is called hydrogen bonding. Hydrogen plays a vital role in organic chemistry. As we all know that organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that mainly deals with the hydrocarbons and some extra atoms like oxygen and halogens attached to it.

Applications of hydrogen bonds in organic chemistry:

  • In organic chemistry, the bonds between oxygen and hydrogen are the hydrogen bond itself
  • Alcohol is a type of an organic molecule which contains an -OH group. Normally, if any molecule which contains the hydrogen atom is connected to either oxygen or nitrogen directly, then hydrogen bonding is easily formed
  • The amino acids are bonded by this hydrogen bonds
  • The compounds like carboxylic acids, phenols, ether posses hydrogen bonding

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