Give the statement of pythagoras theorem.

Pythagoras theorem states that. Trigonometry is an essential part of mathematics. It deals with angles as well as sides of right-angled triangle. Trigonometry is the study of ratios of angles as well as sides of a right triangle. In this branch, the six trigonometric ratios are defined which are – sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant as well as cotangent which is written in short as – sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, cot. There’s a number of trigonometric identities studied in this branch of mathematics. Trigonometric identities are equivalent to that of trigonometric functions which are correct for all distinct value of the occurring variables. These identities involve certain functions of one or more angles. Trigonometric identities may be referred as trigonometric formulas which are used as in various problems as well as trigonometric applications. Trigonometric function circumstances the connection between side lengths as well as internal angles of a right triangle. These identities represent the relationships between trigonometric ratios, angles as well as sides. Following types of trigonometric identities are to be seen as well as used in mathematics -(1) Identities for half, double as well as triple of the angle (2) Identities for hyperbolic trigonometric functions (3) Identities for inverse trigonometric functions (4) Identities for derivative of trigonometric functions (5) Identities for complex trigonometric functions (6) Pythagorean trigonometric identities In this page, student’s are going to learn about different important trigonometric identities Given below shows the trigonometric functions on the circle with radius 1. Click as well as drag the point to change the position as well as check all the trigonometric values . .

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