Gobar gas contains mainly (1) CH4 + CO2 (2) CH4 + O2 (3) CO2 + H2 (4) CO2 + SO2


Gobar gas is a form of biogas and it is a renewable energy source produced by the breakdown of organic matter by certain bacteria under anaerobic conditions. It is a mixture of methane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. It can be produced by agricultural waste, food waste, animal dung, manure, and sewage. The process of biogas production is also known as anaerobic digestion.

The major constituent of biogas with there percentage is given below.

Methane (CH₄) – 50–75%
Carbon dioxide (CO₂) – 25–50%
Nitrogen (N) – 20–10%
Hydrogen (H₂) – 0–1%
Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) – 0–3%
Oxygen (O₂) – 0–0.5%


  • Used as fuel.
  • Used for heating purpose, for an example in cooking.
  • Used in the gas engine

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