Hemoglobin Contains 0.25% Iron By Mass. The Molecular Mass Of Hemoglobin Is 89600. Calculate The Number Of Iron Atoms Per Molecule Of Hemoglobin.[Atomic Mass Of Fe = 56]

Percentage of iron=0.25%

If 100 gm of haemoglobin has 0.25gm of iron.

then 89600 have:

\(\Rightarrow 89600 * \frac{0.25}{100} \\\Rightarrow 89600 * 0.0025\\\Rightarrow 224 gm\)

The atomic weight of Fe is 56

Number of moles present =

\(\Rightarrow \frac{224}{56} \\\Rightarrow 4\)

Therefore, the number of iron atoms per molecule of hemoglobin is 4.

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