How are algal blooms caused?

Algal bloom refers to the rapid accumulation of algae in freshwater or marine water, that results in the discolouration of water bodies due to their pigments. An enormous amount of algae is formed in the water bodies.


Algal bloom is caused due to the following reasons

  • These develop due to the release of chemical fertilizers used in the agricultural fields, in the water bodies.
  • The nitrogen and phosphorus-rich fertilizers feed different algal species.
  • The water leached from the municipal sewage plants also releases excess nutrients into the water bodies that stimulate algal growth.

Harmful effects

This can also harm the aquatic life which are listed below

  • The algal blooms block the sunlight from reaching the algae present within the coral.
  • Thus the algae cannot prepare food that is utilized by the corals.
  • The toxins released by the algal blooms enter the food chain, thereby killing the aquatic animals.

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