How Are Elements Named In The Periodic Table

Following are the steps followed for naming the elements in the periodic table:

a) Since elements names are not proper nouns, IUPAC names are used. These names are written in lowercase letters except when the name begins a sentence.

b) One or two letters are used as symbols for elements. The first letter is represented using a capital letter while the second letter is written in lowercase. Chlorine, Ch is an example.

c) Elements belonging to the halogen family are having -ine in the end. Bromine, chlorine are the two examples.

d) Names of Nobel gas end with -on. Neon is an example.

e) There are elements that are named after the place, property, mineral, or by the person. Einsteinium is named after Albert Einstein, californium is named after California, calcium is named after the mineral calyx, and helium is named after the sun god Helios.

f) Elements are named once their discovery is verified.

g) Once the discovery of an element is confirmed, the person from the lab is responsible for proposing the name for the element.

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