How are sol, solution and suspension different from each other?

Solution, sol and suspension are the three different compositions of a mixture. So first let us know what does these three terms mean?


A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances.  They are stable in nature.


A sol is a heterogeneous mixture. They are quite stable in nature.


These are a heterogeneous mixture. They are unstable in nature.

Difference between sol, solution and suspension

The difference between sol, solution and suspension are tabulated below

Characteristics Sol Solution Suspension
Mixture Type Heterogeneous Homogeneous Heterogeneous
Particle size 10-7 – 10-5cm Less than 1nm More than 100nm
Tyndall effect Exhibits the Tyndall effect Does not exhibit the Tyndall effect May or may not be exhibited. Depends on the type of mixture
Appearance Usually glassy and clear Unclouded and clear Cloudy and opaque
Visibility Visible with an ultramicroscope Not visible Visible with the naked eye
Diffusion Very slow diffusion Rapid diffusion No diffusion takes place
Stability Quiet stable Highly stable Unstable
Settling down of the particles Get settled on centrifugation the mixture Does not settle Settle on their own
Example Milk, blood, smoke Salt solution, Sugar solution Sand in water, dusty air


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