How can be define humans?

A human is a bipedal hominin characterized by having a higher and vertical forehead compared with earlier hominins. Human beings can create and use complex tools, solve problems by sense and reasoning, use symbols and language, and create complex social structures.

Characteristics of humans

  • Humans are regarded as a member of the biological kingdom Animalia (animals).
  • Humans have notochords at one point in their lives, particularly during the embryonic stage.
  • Humans belong to the family Hominidae, particularly of the tribe Hominini (hominins).
  • Humans have bipedal movement: walking on two legs with an erect carriage.
  • Humans have relatively smaller teeth than other primates.
  • Humans have been described as social animals. That is because they have been demonstrating a life of empathy, altruism, values, and ethics.

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