How can Galvanic Corrosion be Prevented?

  • Placement of Electrical Insulation between the two Metals to stop the flow of electrons between them and prevent galvanic coupling.
  • Usage of a Galvanic isolator which can be two series-semiconductor diodes placed in parallel with two diodes that are conducting in the opposite direction. 
  • Usage of impermeable coating on the metal surface such as paint can help make sure that the metal won’t come in contact with an electrolyte, which is a good way to prevent galvanic corrosion.
  • Using metals with similar potentials reduces the amount of galvanic current that will flow through them. Therefore, this reduces the rate of galvanic corrosion of the metals. 
  • Electroplating of the metal to form a thin layer of an inert metal on it can also help reduce galvanic corrosion

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