How can I identify functional groups in organic chemistry?

Here are the list of some common functional groups

Alkane : CH3CH2CH3 (propane)

Alkene : CH3CH=CH2 (propene)

Alkyne : CH3C≡CH (propyne)

Alkyl halide : CH3Br (methyl bromide)

Alcohol : CH3CH2OH (ethanol)

Ether : CH3OCH3 (dimethyl ether)

Amine : CH3NH2 (methyl amine)

Aldehyde : CH3CHO (acetaldehyde)

Ketone : CH3COCH3 (acetone)

Acyl chloride : CH3COCl (acetyl chloride)

Carboxylic acid : CH3CO2H (acetic acid)

Ester : CH3CO2CH3 (methyl acetate)

Amide : CH3NH2 (acetamide)

A functional group is defined as an atom or group of atoms within a molecule that has similar chemical properties whenever it appears in various compounds.

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