How can the resources be managed and conserved?


Natural resources are obtained directly from the Earth. In order to use it or to create something, all you receive from nature is called natural resources. The term ‘natural resources’ is not limited only to humans. All forms of life on earth rely on natural resources to survive.

Conservation is the method that implies preserving resources in a managed time period for future use. Conservation with regard to ecological studies or environmental studies implies the conservation and prevention of natural resources that are non-renewable resources, that is which do not regenerate in nature by natural processes, should be guarded against irrational and unsustainable usage in order to maintain and control their use for longer periods of time.

Importance of management of natural resources

The management of natural sources is important for maintaining a balance in the ecosystem, preventing further environmental degradation and also avoiding overconsumption of natural resources.

Management of natural resources

For saving natural resources we should follow the three R’s approach i.e. reduce, recycle and reuse.

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