How can we calculate the area of the trapezium?


A trapezium is a quadrilateral, that is described as a shape with four sides and one set of parallel sides. In a two-dimensional plane, the trapezium area is the region occupied by a trapezium.

Properties of trapezium

Trapezium also is known as a trapezoid, it has the following properties.

  • The sum of all the four angles of the trapezium is equal to 360 °
  • Two parallel sides and two non-parallel sides of a trapezium are
  • Regular trapezium diagonals bisect one another
  • In a trapezium, the length of the mid-segment is equal to half the sum of the parallel bases.
  • Two pairs of adjacent angles of a trapezium formed between the parallel sides and one of the non-parallel side, add up to 180°.

Area of the trapezium

Consider a trapezium


Area of the trapezium can be calculated as

Area (A) = ½ h (AB + CD)

The parameter of the trapezium formula can be calculated as

Parameter = Sum of all the sides

Parameter = AB + BC + CD + DA

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