How can we contribute personally for the betterment of environment

To contribute personally for the betterment of the environment use the following techniques:

  • Plant trees
  • Have a kitchen garden
  • Walk or use a bicycle for short distances
  • If possible try to move in public transport
  • Switch off the engine when you are waiting at the traffic signal
  • Use paper or cloth bags
  • Recycle old materials and make as wealth from waste
  • Try to use old clothes as mop, car wiping cloth
  • Pull out the curtains and use sunlight during the day
  • Save water and electricity
  • Use the natural resources judiciously
  • Dum the biodegradable and nonbiodegradable waste in separate bins
  • Make your own manure by using kitchen waste
  • Use the soft copies method wherever possible
  • If possible take or offer car and bike pool
  • Teach your sibling and children about the importance of wildlife, plants and natural resources
  • If you buy any items in a container try to reuse that container for domestic purpose
  • Avoid plastic

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