How Can We Improve Our Environmental Health?

Environmental health concerns with the physical, biological and chemical aspects relating to a person and all the associated factors contributing towards their behaviour. The monitoring and assessment of environmental factors have the potential to affect health. It studies the influence of environment on human diseases and health.

Maintaining environmental health is necessary as we depend on our environment for:

  • Treated and safe drinking water
  • Pure air
  • Shelter
  • Nutritious food

Issues like water pollution, air pollution, and various natural disasters cause serious health hazards hence needs to be dealt with. Some of the ways in which we can contribute to environmental health are as follows:

  • Afforestation: Planting trees and establishing forests brings about balance in our ecosystem. The imbalance is due to deforestation as a result of urbanization.
  • Avoid use of plastic utensils and paper plates
  • Conserve energy: Resources are depleting by the day hence there is an immediate need to save energy and thus resources.
  • Reuse over disposing
  • Thousands of gallons of water are wasted every day due to miscellaneous reasons, leakages, in particular, causes tremendous loss of water. Care needs to be taken to use water efficiently.
  • Rainwater harvesting needs to be adopted widely
  • Switching off electrical appliances and unplugging when not in use can save a lot of electricity
  • Climatic change due to various human activities is causing fluctuation in temperatures. It thereby affects normal life as they cause natural calamities due to rising in sea level as a result of the melting of ice caps.
  • Choosing convenient transportation helps in reducing air pollution to a great extent
  • Excessive use of pesticides can reduce the fertility of the soil.
  • Maintaining personal hygiene and ensuring the well-being of the surroundings are equally important as they contribute towards the wellness of the environment and it majorly cuts down the possibility of diseases and their breeding in clean surroundings.

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