How did sepoy mutiny begin?


Sepoy Mutiny also called Indian Mutiny or First War of Independence, a popular yet unsuccessful revolt in India in 1857–59 against British rule. Started by Indian sepoys in the service of the British East India Company at Meerut, it extended to Delhi, Kanpur, Agra and Lucknow.

Causes of the sepoy mutiny

The 1857 rebellion was initiated because of multiple factors that are set out below.

  • Religious & Social Reason

It was claimed that discrimination or ethnic prejudice was a big explanation for the 1857 uprising in which the Indians were oppressed and held away from mixing with Europeans. The whites even began to mess with and threaten the religious and cultural relations of the Indians.

  • Politica reason

The British expansion had led to the propagation of unjust policies that led to the loss of power of the Nawabs and Zamindars residing at various places of India. The introduction of unfair policies like

  • The policy of Trade and Commerce
  • The system of war & annexation
  • The system of indirect subordination, the policy of direct subordination
  • The system of misgovernance significantly hampered the interests of the rulers of the native states

All these policies, one by one, became victims of British expansionism. Those rulers, who lost their states to the British, were naturally against the British and took sides against them during the revolt.

  • Economic reason

There were numerous tax and revenue reforms that significantly affected the peasants. The British Government had introduced and enforced multiple administrative measures aimed at extending their territories.

  • Military factors

The Indian soldiers faced a great deal of prejudice from the British officials over their pay, pensions, promotions. In the military, the Indians were subjugated while their European counterparts faced no such discrimination. This led to resentment, which was a significant factor in the military that contributed to the 1857 revolt.

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