How did the spread of electricity help farmers in Palampur?


The spread of electricity supported the Palampur farmers as it helped to change the village’s irrigation system. Persian wheels were historically used by farmers to draw water from wells and irrigate small fields. But after the spread of electricity, these Persian wheels were replaced by electric tube wells. The government constructed the first tube well but the farmers also built private tube wells later resulting in the cultivation of the entire 200 hectares of irrigated land by the 1970s.

In the following manner, the distribution of electricity has helped farmers of Palampur village

  • Electricity has modified the irrigation system.
  • To operate tube wells in the regions, electricity is used.
  • Tubewells are being substituted by Persian wheels.
  • To run small businesses, electricity is used. For instance, sugarcane crushing machines.
  • It is also a source of irrigation that is affordable and pollution-free.
  • For domestic work, such as running fans and light bulbs, electric power is used.

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