How do biotic and abiotic factors affect crop production?

Biotic factors like insects, rodents, pests, and many more spread the disease and reduce crop production. Biotic factors like insects, parasites, diseases, etc.
Abiotic factors like humidity, temperature, moisture, wind, rain, flood and many more destroy the crop raise. Abiotic factors like hot, cold, drought, salinity, etc. affect crop production. Resistant variety can withstand these factors and give a high yield.

Effects of these factors

Both biotic and abiotic factors have their own effects on crop

Biotic factors

Biotic factors impact crop production in the subsequent ways :
1. Earthworms improve the texture of the soil.
2. Microbes such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria increase the fertility of the soil.
3. Insects serve as predators and keep the number of crops under control.

Abiotic factors

Abiotic factors impact crop production in the subsequent ways :

1. Sunlight aids in photosynthesis.
2. Water and minerals from the soil along with gases are the raw materials for the synthesis of food and energy.
3. Suitable temperature is required for the proper growth of the plant and various processes such as transpiration.
4. Rainfall is required for natural irrigation of plant.

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