How do most of the flowerig plants reproduce?


Plants have an innate ability to reproduce, allowing them to create new offspring on a regular basis. Plants are living things with features like breathing, digesting, excreting, and reproducing.

  • A flower also comprises the reproductive part of plants.
  • A flower can either have the male or female part or both the parts.
  • Flowers in plants carry out the reproductive functions in plants when both the male and female gametes are fused to produce the seeds which bear the fruit.
  • These seeds germinate to produce new plant structures. The process of reproduction takes place in these reproductive parts of the flower.
  • Flowers have the reproductive parts, where the stamen is the male reproductive part and the carpel is the female reproductive part.

Process of reproduction in plants

The reproduction process in plants is divided into three stages, which are listed below:

  • Pollination

Pollination is the first step in the process of plant reproduction. Pollen grains are exchanged between the anther and stigma of the same flower or another plant in this process. Pollinating agents come in many forms, including birds, insects, livestock, wind, and water.

  • Zygote Formation

The zygote is formed by the fusion of male and female gametes in the second stage of reproduction.

  • Fruits formation

Fertilization is the last stage of reproduction in which the zygote grows into an embryo, which then swells up and grows into a fruit.

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