How do you evaluate log 1?

We need to find the value of log 1


First let us know the definition of logarthim


From the definition of logarithm function, logab = x can be written in the form of an exponential function as given below:

Then, ax = b

To find the value of log 1, since the base is not defined here, let us consider the base as 10.

Hence, we can write log 1 as log10 1.

Now, from the logarithm definition, we have the value of a = 10 and b = 1. Such that,

log10 x = 1

By the logarithm rule, we can rewrite the above expression as;

10x = 1

As we know, any number raised to the power 0 is equal to 1. Thus, 10 raised to the power 0 makes the above expression true.

So, 100 = 1

This will be a condition for all the base value of log, where the base raised to the power 0 will give the answer as 1.


Therefore, the value of log 1 is zero.

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