How do you find diameter from the circumference of a circle?

Diameter is defined as the line passing through the center of a circle having two extremes on the circumference of a circle. The Diameter of a circle divided the circle into two equal parts known as semi-circle. The center of a circle is the midpoint of its diameter. It divides the diameter into two equal parts, each of which is a radius of the circle. The radius is half the diameter.


We can find the diameter of the circle if we know the circumference of the circle

We know that the circumference of a circle is given by

The Circumference (or) perimeter of a circle = 2πR


R is the radius of the circle

π is the mathematical constant with an approximate (up to two decimal points) value of 3.14


Pi (π) is a special mathematical constant; it is the ratio of circumference to diameter of any circle.

where C = π D—-(i)

C is the circumference of the circle

D is the diameter of the circle

Hence from (i)

D= C /π

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