How does chemical coordination occur in plants?

Coordination in plants means using different parts of the plant together, which is smooth and efficient. The chemical substances which bring about the control and coordination in plants are plant hormones. This coordination in plants is possible due to the major role played by the plant hormones.

Hormones responsible for control and coordination in plants

Hormones are the chemicals responsible for the function of control and coordination in plants are called plant hormones.  In simpler words, plant hormones are the chemical substances that control growth in plants. Auxin, gibberellins, cytokinins and abscisic acid are examples of plant hormones.

Functions of plant hormones

1) Auxin: Helps in the enlargement and differentiation of cells.
2) Gibberellins: It breaks the dormancy in seeds and buds.
3) Cytokinins: Helps in the functioning of cell division.
4) Abscisic acid: Helps in closing the stomatal pores.

Also, these hormones are responsible for the growth of plants in three different stages:

  • Cell division
  • Cell enlargement
  • Cell differentiation

Chemical coordination occurs in plants with the help of fluids secreted in plants, known as phytohormones or plant hormones. These hormones regulate the growth of the plants. For example, auxin is responsible for the growth of plants, and cytokinin helps in cell division in the fast-growing part of the plant, such as plant hormones.

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