How does hydrogen differ from alkali metals?

Hydrogen differs from alkali metals as it does not possess a metallic character.

Similarities of Hydrogen and Alkali metals

  • Electronic Configuration: The electronic configuration of hydrogen is 1s1, similar to the outermost electronic configuration of alkali metals (ns1). Some it is placed with alkali metals in group 1
  • Electropositive Character: Hydrogen can come from unipositive ion by losing one electron like alkali metals
  • Oxidation State: Hydrogen exhibits an oxidation state of +1 ion in hydrogen compounds, which is similar to alkali metals.
  • Valency: The valency of hydrogen is 1 like alkali metals.
  • Reaction with Non-metals: Like alkali metals, hydrogen dorms binary compounds with non-metal,
  • Reducing nature: Hydrogen is a good reducing agent like alkali metals.

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