How does mosquito help in spreading viruses /microorganisms?


Mosquitos significantly aid in spreading viruses/microorganisms to others. Interestingly, mosquitoes do not naturally carry viruses whereas they can only get them from other infected people.

  • They pick up viruses by biting infected people.
  • When they bite again, they can transmit the virus to the next person. This is how mosquitos spread viruses/microorganisms.

How to control the breeding of mosquitoes?

Few steps are recommended to destruct mosquitoes at different stages, they are:

  • Breeding places of mosquitoes should be completely destroyed. Suitable measures should be taken to fill up puddles and small ponds.
  • Spraying DDT and such insecticides in mosquito-dwelling places can destroy adult mosquitoes
  • The introduction of fishes such as Gambusia in ponds can selectively devour mosquito larvae
  • Some greasy oil or kerosene should be poured into the water making a thin film on the surface. The oil kills pupae and larvae when they surface to breathe.

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