How Does One's Environment Affect A Person?

A person is strongly influenced by the ambient environment in the way they think and live since it is greatly dependant on what they are exposed to and their own interpretations to it. Humans are sensitive to their surroundings for survival. We have an intrinsic recognition of our surroundings and are in a regular outlook for environments with certain suited attributes. Hence one needs to design their environment to be able to make better choices as changes begin in the surroundings when changes take place within us which pertains to mental wellness of entities. Water, soil, natural vegetation, climate, landforms are few of the examples of elements in the environment. These factors entail almost everything that has the potential to modify the environment.

Few of the effects of these factors are evident and may affect living either indirectly or directly. One of the main essentials, water, forms a larger part of the planet, of which the majority is saltwater. Water is a necessity for living entities, without water life cannot sustain. Marine life exists because of water. Almost all biological life processes that take place on earth are primarily because of water. Pollution of water and hence its consumption can have adverse effects on living. Natural calamities such as volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides affect the existence of living entities. The carbon dioxide emitted from volcanoes alone causes much disruption than compared to human activities. Wind is another factor. It brings about pollination in plants.

Depending upon the severity, the wind is affected by the climatic condition as well. The greenhouse effect is another major factor affecting our environment, it is when rays of the sun are confined within the atmospheric layers. The UV radiation which enters the atmosphere, jump off the water and land, then bounce back up to the atmospheric levels until it gets confined, which generates heat. These carbon dioxide emissions have hugely contributed to developing diseases as a result of inhaling polluted air. Also, the increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is being absorbed by the oceans which are causing a disturbance in the aquatic life, as the marine entities tend to absorb these harmful chemicals that affect their ability to produce skeletons.

This process is referred to as ocean acidification, which as per scientists may cause the death of almost all ocean life in about a century’s time. For more information on environmental factors and their effects, please register at BYJU’S

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