How does our body respond when adrenaline is secreted into the blood?

The adrenal gland secretes the adrenaline hormone into the blood and is carried to various parts of the body. In the event of stress, emergency or any threat, adrenaline is released in larger quantities.  The adrenaline hormone is secreted in large amounts when a person is afraid, or mentally disturbed.

Our body responds when adrenaline is secreted into the blood

Listed below are the few ways by which our body responds when adrenaline is secreted into the blood

  • When it reaches the heart, it beats faster to provide more oxygen to our muscles. The breathing rate further increases because of the contractions of the diaphragm and the rib muscles.
  • It also raises the blood pressure, and allows more glucose to enter into the blood. All these responses together enable our body to deal with the emergency situations.
  • This leads to the heart to beat fast, thus causing more of oxygen supply to the muscles.
  • Due to the muscle contraction, the supply of blood to the skin and the digestive system is reduced around the small arteries in these organs.
  • The rate of breathing is also increased as a consequence. These responses collectively assist the animal to deal in case of emergencies.

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