What is the boiling point of sugar solution at atmospheric pressure? How do we calculate boiling point elevation of sugar solution?

The boiling point depends on the concentration of the sugar solution.

Let us assume that we have dissolved 2000 g of sugar in 1 kg water.

The formula for boiling point elevation ΔTb is



i is Vant’s Hoff factor

Kb is the molal boiling point elevation constant

m is the molality of the solution

The molal concentration b of the solution must be calculated

Moles of sucrose=2000 sucrose × 1sucrose/ 342.30g sucrose = 5.843molsucrose

b=moles of solute / kilograms of solvent=5.483/1=5.483mol/kg


As the sugar is non electrolyte i is 1

Kb is 0.515°C.mo.kg−1

m is 5.483 mol/kg


Tb=Tb° + ΔTb=100+2.824=102.824°C

The Boiling point of sugar is 102.824 °C

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