How is Coal Formed?


Coal is a fossil fuel and is the altered vestiges of prehistoric vegetation that originally accumulated in swamps & peat bogs. Today’s energy we obtain from coal appears to come from the energy which plants consumed from the sun millions of years ago.

Formation of coal

  • Coal formation takes millions of years; that is why it is a natural resource that is exhaustive and non-renewable.
  • It was produced approximately 300 million years ago when swampy forests surrounded the earth.
  • As plants died in these forests-mostly trees, mosses, ferns, and reeds-they fell into the swamps.
  • So a dense layer of dead vegetation was created in the swamp.
  • As years passed, more and more plants died and several layers of this sort were created, one above another.
  • The layers at the top compressed the layers beneath. Heat and pressure caused some physical and chemical changes and some carbon-rich deposits were formed.

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