How is emasculation carried out in flowers?

Emasculation is the process of removal of anthers in bisexual flowers to prevent self-pollination. It is carried out in the following steps:

  • Bagging

It is a technique to prevent the fertilization of stigma from undesired pollen by covering the emasculated flower with butter paper. It is useful in a plant breeding programme because only desired pollen grains for pollination and protection of the stigma from contamination of undesired pollen.

  • Pollination:

 Pollination is a method where pollen grains are picked from an anther, which is the male part of a flower and transferred to the flower’s female part called the stigma. All plants having flowers completely rely on the pollination method for reproduction. There are 2 types of pollination Self Pollination and Cross-Pollination.

  • Tagging;

After dusting the pollen grains on the stigma of the emasculated flower, it is rebagged, and tag with relevant information such as date of emasculation, date of pollination, details of male and female parents, etc. are attached with plants. This is known as tagging.

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