How is KMnO4 prepared from pyrolusite ore?


Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) is an inorganic chemical compound. It is also known as Condy’s crystals or permanganate of potash.

In the presence of air or an oxidizing agent such as KNO3, the finely powdered Pyrolusite ore(MnO2) is fused with an alkali metal hydroxide such as KOH to give the dark green potassium manganese (K2MnO4). In a neutral or acidic solution, potassium manganate is disproportionate to bringing potassium permanganate.

2 MnO2 + 4 KOH + O2 → 2K2MnO4 + 2H2O

3 MnO42- + 4H+ → 2MnO4- + MnO2 + 2H2O

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