How many atoms form a tetrahedral void?

No. of spheres that form a tetrahedral void is Four 3 in one plane and 1 in the axis.

Tetrahedral voids

In a cubic, close-packed structure, spheres of the second layer lie above the triangular voids of the first layer. Each sphere touches the three spheres of the first layer. By joining the centre of these four spheres, it forms a tetrahedron, and the space left over by joining the centre of these spheres forms a tetrahedral void.

  • Crystal System

Tetrahedral Voids can be found in substances having a tetrahedral arrangement in their crystal system.

  • Location in the Unit Cell

Tetrahedral Voids can be observed in the edges of the unit cell.

  • Coordination Number

The coordination number of the tetrahedral void is four.

  • Number of Voids in the Crystal Lattice

There are two tetrahedral voids per sphere in the crystal lattice.

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