How many countries share their land border with India?

India is the seventh-largest country in the world. The northern part of the country is called Sub-continent as it shares borders with other countries. Let us deep dive to see the countries that share the border with India.

India and its sharing of land border

Seven countries share the boundaries with India they are listed below

  • In Northwest there lies Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • In the North, India, is bound with China, Bhutan and Nepal,
  • To the far east India, is surrounded by Myanmar and Bangladesh to the east.

India and its sharing of water border

India also shares its water borders with two countries. They are listed below

  • In south-east there lies Sri Lanka and Maldives in the south-west.
  • These two countries share the water borders.

The northern part of India is referred to as Subcontinent and Southern part of India is referred to as Peninsular region.

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