How many faces, edges, and vertices are in an octagonal prism?

In geometry, the octagonal prism is the sixth in an infinite set of prisms, formed by square sides and two regular octagon caps. If faces are all regular, it is a semiregular polyhedron.

  • A prism composed of octagonal faces is called octagonal prism.
  • The two faces at either end are octagons and the rest of the faces are rectangular.

Number of faces, edges and vertices

  • Number of faces: 10.

There are

8 vertical faces,

one at top

and one at the bottom

  • Number of edges: 24

There are

8 edges around the top face
8 vertical edges
8 edges around the bottom face

  • Number of vertices:16

8 vertices where the top edges meet the vertical edges
8 vertices where the bottom edges meet the vertical edges

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