How many milligrams make one kilogram?


Kilograms, gram and milligrams are units of measurements of the mass of the object. Even though all the three units measure the mass, there is a difference in the quantity of mass of the object they denote. To describe the large mass of the object we use kilograms (Kg) and for the small mass of the object, we use milligrams (Mg).

One kilogram of the object is equal to a hundred grams.

1 kg = 1000 g…………………(1)

One gram is equal to hundred milligrams.

1 g = 1000 mg………………(2)

So from equation (1) and (2) we can write it has

1 kg = 1000 g

1 kg = 1000 ✕ 1000 mg

1 kg = 10,00,000 mg

Hence 10,00,000 milligrams make one kilogram.

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