How does torque differ from force?

Torque is a type of force that is applied to an object which results in the object rotating around an axis. Force is an action that causes a change in the motion of an object. In deep, Torque is the scientific term that is used to describe the specific effect of a force being applied to an object in which the force causes the object to rotate around an axis. There is an equation that can be used for calculating torque

T = F x r x sin (θ).

F is a linear force;

r is the distance between the force and the axis of rotation,

theta θ is the angle between both the axis of rotation and the application of the linear force.

The unit of measurement used for torque in the metric system is the Newton-meter (symbol N-m).

Force is a quantity that is a vector since it has not only size but also a specific direction associated with it. The unit of measurement that is used for force is the Newton (symbol N). There are many types of forces including natural forces such as gravity, electromagnetic force, tension and friction.

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