How many seasons are there in a year? Name them.

The four different seasons in India are given below:

  1. The cold-weather season
  2. The hot weather season
  3. The southwest monsoon season
  4. The retreating monsoon season.

Cold-weather season

  1. December and January are the coldest months in the northern plains in India. Usually, the cold weather season sets in by mid-November in northern India.
  2. The Peninsular region of India, however, does not have any well-defined cold-weather season.

Hot-Weather Season

  1. The hot weather season in south India is mild and not so intense as found in north India, due to moderating effect of the Oceans.
  2. April, May, and June are the months of summer in north India. In most parts of India, temperatures recorded are between 30°-32°C.

Southwest Monsoon Season

  1. The rain in the southwest monsoon season begins rather abruptly. One result of the first rain is that it brings down the temperature substantially.
  2. The monsoon approaches the landmass in two branches: (i) The Arabian Sea branch (ii) The Bay of Bengal branch.
  3. The monsoon usually arrives in the first week of June in the coastal areas of Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, and in the interior parts, it will be in the first week of July.

Retreating Monsoon Season

  1. The months of October and November are known for retreating monsoons.
  2. The weather in the retreating monsoon is dry in north India but it is associated with rain in the eastern part of
    the Peninsula.
  3. The retreating southwest monsoon season is marked by clear skies and rise in temperature. The land is still moist.

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