How many sides does a square have?


  • In Geometry, a square is a two-dimensional plane figure with four equal sides and all the four angles are equal to 90 degrees.
  • Square is a regular quadrilateral, which has all the four sides of equal length and all four angles are also equal.
  • The angles of the square are at right-angle or equal to 90-degrees.
  • The diagonals of the square are equal and bisect each other at 90 degrees.
  • A square can also be defined as a rectangle where two opposite sides have equal length.

In square

  • In a square, the length and breadth remain equal to each other.
  • Square is perfectly symmetrical.
  • Square has f our edges and four vertices.
  • In the square sum of the internal angle is equal to 360°.
  • In square one length & one breadth is parallel to other length & breadth.

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