How to calculate the equivalent weight of Na2CO3?

Answer: 53 g/eq

An equivalent weight of a solution is defined as the molecular weight of the solute divided by the valence of the solute. Equivalent weight is used for predicting the mass of a substance that reacts with one atom of hydrogen in an acid-base analysis like in titration.

The salt Na2CO3 ionizes to produce 2Na+ and CO3-2. So the charge on both ions is 2.

Since sodium carbonate contains two atoms sodium, one atom of carbon and three atoms of oxygen. The molecular weight would be

Na : 2 x 23.0 = 46

C : 1 x 12.0 = 12

O : 3 x 16 = 48

When we add up the total values i.e, 46 + 12 + 48 = 106

Therefore, the molar mass of Na2CO3 is 106 g/mole.

Equivalent weight of Na2CO3 = 106 / 2 = 53 g/eq

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