How to convert decimal numbers to p/q form?

The fraction is defined as the ratio of two numbers. It means that it is the ratio of numerator value to the denominator value. The decimal number is a number whose whole number part and the decimal part is separated by the decimal point.

Conversion of decimal into fraction p/q form

To convert decimal into a fraction we follow the given steps

  • Firstly, count the numbers after the decimal point or right side of the decimal point.
  • If n is the number of digits on the right side of the decimal point, then multiply and divide the whole number by 10n to remove the decimal from the numerator.
  • After that, you can simplify the number, by reducing the numerator and denominator.
  • The resultant will be the required fraction from the given decimal number.


To convert 0.85 into a fraction

Given, decimal number 0.85, we need to find the fraction for 0.85

We can also find a number of equivalent fractions by finding its multiples.

0.85 = 85/100



Check out the video given below to know more about the importance of fractions

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