How to find the average atomic mass of sulfur from the following data: S-32 95.002% (31.972), S-33 0.76% (32.971), S-34 4.22% (33.967), and S-36 0.014% (35.967)?

The average atomic mass of a chemical element is calculated by taking into account the atomic masses of its naturally occuring isotopes and their respective abundances.

avg. atomic mass=∑i(isotopei×abundancei)

atomic masses of four isotopes of sulphur are

32S: 31.972 u→95.002%
33S: 32.971 u→0.76%
34S: 33.967 u→4.22%
36S: 35.967 u→0.014%

the average atomic mass of sulfur will be

Average atomic mass=31.972 u×0.95002+32.971 u×0.0076+33.967 u×0.0422+35.967 u×0.00014

Average atomic mass=32.063 u

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