How to use a solar cooker?

To use a solar cooker, the pot in which either the solid or liquid needs to be cooked and should be covered in order to seal the heat. The cooker is black from the inside and has a piece of either glass or transparent plastic which sits on the top. To collect the sunlight and to direct it onto the glass, number of reflectors are used.

The cooker is is kept outside with food inside. When the sunlight enters the cooker, the lights strike the bottom of the cooker resulting in cooking of food. The reason why dark colour is used in the inside is because they absorb heat making the molecules of the coker get heated by thereby generating more heat. As more heat is trapped, the cooker gets more heated up and that’s how food gets cooked.

Vegetables, pulses and cereals are the ideal food that can be cooked in the solar cooker.
While food items like pasta or filo pastry are not ideal food thta can be cooked in the solar cooker.

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