How will an organism be benefited if it reproduces through spores?

Spore formation is another means of asexual reproduction. During unfavourable conditions, the organism develops sac-like structures called sporangium that contain spores. When the conditions are favourable, the sporangium burst opens and spores are released that germinate to give rise to new organisms.


It has several benefits, they are as listed below:

  • Number of spores produced in one sporangium would be large.
  • In order to avoid competition at one place, spores can be distributed to faraway places with the help of air.
  • In order to prevent dehydration under unfavourable conditions, the spores are covered by thick walls.
  • Spore reproduction is quick and multiplies many at once, hence the population will increase and survival chances are high
  • They remain dormant till favourable conditions are available
  • As they are light, they can be carried by wind and hence can start growing in different regions
  • They possess thick walls which enables them to survive even in unfavourable conditions
  • As it is an asexual form of reproduction, there is no error in the copies of new entities produced, hence parental characters are not lost
  • They assist the entity to tide over the bad phase

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