HTML is a subset of _____?

Answer: SGML

HTML is a standard mark – up language that used build files that are showcased as a web page throughout the browsers. With CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JS (JavaScript) inside it, this language becomes more engaging and appealing. The term HTML describes a specific basic definition inside it. Hypertext arises from the hyperlink, which implies links between many pages and the markup suggests that the specified items would be the layout of the pages and the items inside it. The language incorporates both the functionality and making it the language of hypertext markups.

  • HTML is the most straightforward language. This language is straightforward to understand, & simple to configure.
  • The language is so versatile that you really can build whatever you want, including the text, a creative way to construct web pages together.
  • It can render linkable text, as users could connect through these features from one page to other or website.
  • Users can add images, pictures, gifs or sound whatever they want to make the site more appealing and understandable.
  • Such language can be used to view the files on any device such as Linux, Windows or Mac.

HTML is a subset of SGML. An internationally accepted standard for knowledge representation is SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language). In its broadest sense, it can be used for publishing – from single-medium traditional paper publishing to online multimedia database publishing. SGML can be used to generate documents that users can understand and share in a simple way between machines and apps. An intro to the main features of SGML, using non-technical language, is given by this leaflet.

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