(i) distinguish between flux and slag. (ii) which metals are generally extracted by the electrolytic processes? what positions these metals generally occupy in the periodic table?

1)Flux is the material or substance thats is added to molten metals to bond with impurities that can be readily removed whereas slag is the waste material which is removed. Fluxes are used during the refining of metals. examples are acid silica,basic lime,rosins etc. The choice of flux depends on the material involved in the given operation

Slag is impure residue that contains large amount of calcium,magnesium silicate,iron,aluminium etc derived during the process of pig iron and steel production and during the smelting of metals such as copper, lead and nickel.

2)When electricity is passed there will be a break down of chemical compounds,this process is called electrolysis. An electrode will be placed in the liquid electrolyte where one electrode is negatively charged which is cathode and one will be positively charged which is anode. Reduction occurs at cathode and oxidation occurs at anode

Pottasium,sodium,calcium,magnesium and aluminium are extracted by electrolysis.they form stable compounds


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