Idea of concurrent list in Indian constitution was borrowed from ________

Idea of concurrent list in the Indian constitution was borrowed from Australia. The 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution mainly engages with the division of powers between the Union government and State governments. It is a part of 12 Schedules of Indian Constitution. The division of powers between Union and State is organised through three kinds of list mentioned in the seventh schedule:

Union List – List I
State List – List II
Concurrent List – List III

Concurrent list

The concept of ‘Concurrent List’ in the Indian Constitution has been borrowed from the Constitution of Australia. Both the Central Government and State Government both can make laws on the subjects that come under the category of Concurrent List. The matters on which uniformity of legislation throughout the country is desirable but not mandatory are enumerated in the concurrent list.

Subjects in the concurrent list

  • Education
  • Forest
  • Trade unions
  • Marriage
  • Adoption
  • Succession

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