If Diagonals of a rhombus is 10cm and 24 cm find its perimeter

Given that

Diagonals of the rhombus

Let d1 =10cm and d2= 24cm

Find out

We need to find the perimeter of the given rhombus


Diagonals meet at the centre and forms right-angled triangles.

So by using pythagoras theorem

Length of the base = 10/2 = 5cm
Length of the height = 24/2 = 12cm

Hypotenuse2 = side 2+ side2

Hypotenuse2= 52+ 122

Hypotenuse= 25 + 144

Hypotenuse2 = 169

On taking square root we get,

Hypotenuse = 13             { 13 X 13=169 => √169=13}

Hence the side of the rhombus is 13cm.

Perimeter of the rhombus = 4×side
= 4 × 13
= 52cm.


Therefore, the perimeter of the rhombus is 52cm.


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