If the company deals with chemical and electrical goods, which type of organisation is useful ______.

  1. a) Divisional Structure.
  2. b) Functional Structure.
  3. c) Centralised Structure.
  4. d) Decentralised Structure.

Answer a) Divisional Structure

  • Divisional Structure is a sort of authoritative design that bunches each hierarchical capacity into a division. These divisions can be compared to either items or geologies.
  • Every division holds all of the vital assets and capacities inside it to help that product offering or topography (for instance, its own money, IT, and advertising offices).
  • A multidivisional structure (or “M-structure”) is a legitimate design wherein one parent organisation claims auxiliary organisations, every one of which utilises the parent organisation’s image and name.
  • The divisional construction is helpful on the grounds that a disappointment of one division doesn’t straightforwardly compromise different divisions. In the multidivisional structure, the auxiliaries benefit from the utilisation of the brand and capital of the parent organisation.

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