If the kinetic energy of a body becomes 4 times then what will be the percentage increase in its momentum. Please describe the calculation.

Given that,

The kinetic energy of the body becomes four times its initial value.

Let us consider m to be the mass of the body.

Let v be the velocity of the body with which the body moves.

Then, the kinetic energy of the body is given as:

Kinetic energy = 1/2 mv2

The momentum of the body is given as, P = mv

We know that kinetic energy = 1/2 mv2

= 1/2 P2/m

Because P = mv

P2 = 2m × kinetic energy

P is proportional to the square root of kinetic energy. Since 2 and m are considered as constants.

Therefore, we can say that kinetic energy increased by four times.

Therefore, when the kinetic energy increases by four times, then the moment will increase by two times.

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