If The Net Force Acting On A Body Be Zero, Then Will The Body Remain Necessarily In Rest Position?


No, if the net force acting on a body be zero, then the body won’t necessarily be in the rest position.

  • The situation of the net force equal to zero is impossible in reality.
  • When the net force of the body is equal to zero, it implies that the body cannot be accelerated.
  • This follows from Newton’s second law of motion.
  • When F = 0, m × a should also be zero since F = m × a. Where F is force, m is mass and a is acceleration.
  • But mass cannot be zero, so acceleration should be zero.
  • Acceleration is what changes your speed. When there is no acceleration, the body continues to move with whatever speed it has before. This speed can be any value including zero.
  • At zero speed, the body remains at rest. So it does not necessarily mean that the object should be at rest.

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